Darrell Hansen of Humboldt Creamery gives an assist to one of the creameries newest employees (Photo by Carrie Branovan)

Darrell Hansen of Humboldt Creamery gives an assist to one of the creamery's newest employees (© 2006-2007 Carrie Branovan)

President's Message:

Over the past year, I have been able to travel from Moses Lake, Washington, to the high desert of Oregon and through the central valley of California. It always amazes me to see how big and diverse agriculture can be. This past week, I traveled to Coalinga, CA for a California Beef Council meeting with my wife, Sarah. It was stunning to see just how dry California really is. To see vineyards being pulled out of the ground, dying orchards, and unirrigated fields was mind-blowing.

In Humboldt, we may be in a drought too, but we have no idea how lucky we are. That being said, the water policies that have been forced to the front burner by California’s severe drought will also have repercussions in Humboldt County as well. I’m happy to say that Humboldt County Farm Bureau has been on top of this matter. A big thanks to Jay Russ, John Vevoda, and Jack Rice for their leadership with this issue.

On the bright side, Humboldt County Farm Bureau recently awarded 125 scholarships in the amount of $95,000. Although we don’t want to be known as a scholarship organization, it’s very encouraging to have so many young people interested in agriculture. Some of these students are bound to be at the forefront of California agriculture in the future. A big thanks to Gene Senestraro and Jane Fraser for all their hard work on the scholarship committee.

A bit of history, did you know Gene Senestraro has been on the Humboldt County Farm Bureau board since 1951? This kind of service and commitment is priceless. Thanks Gene!

Another exciting thing in our community is that our local high school agriculture departments, under the leadership of Sandy Dale, will be receiving a $4.9 million dollar grant to help promote FFA and School to Career Programs in Northern California...

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Andy Albin, President

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Humboldt County Agricultural Survey

For the first time in Humboldt County, agricultural producers, landowners and the general public provide compelling and quantitative results on the importance of local agriculture to the economy, environment and quality of life in Humboldt County. Results from the Humboldt Agriculture Survey, gathered during the summer fall of 2002, provide a more complete understanding of the values, threats and feasible solutions people hold towards maintaining productive agricultural lands...

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It All Fits Together - by Clif Clendenen

Several issues have seemed to coalesce for me recently and I’m going to grab a sack needle and attempt to stitch them together.

While involving myself in Fortuna’s General Plan Update process, I’ve seen a dovetail of goals with city planning and agriculture. Progressive planning, like “New Urbanism,” that tries to densify development, even in rural communities, helps the city better utilize infrastructure. Also created is a more walkable community with the associated health and social benefits. In addition, a well designed community has less dependence on energy usage because living, working, and shopping are integrated...

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Williamson Act in Jeopardy Again

California’s most important land conservation program is being threatened for the first time in four years as Governor Schwarzenegger tries to close a lingering structural budget deficit.

The California Land Conservation Act of 1965, better known as the Williamson Act,created a program for counties to protect viable agricultural land by offering a tax incentive to property owners for keeping their land in agricultural production. The Act provides an arrangement where private landowners voluntarily restrict their land to agricultural uses under a Land Conservation Contract with the county...

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Living with Aleutian Geese in Humboldt County

After 30 years of remedial actions by Federal and State wildlife agencies, the once endangered Aleutian Goose population is thriving on the Pacific North Coast. From a low of about 800 geese in 1975, today 100,000 of the geese stop in Humboldt and Del Norte counties to prepare for their incredible transoceanic migration on to nesting grounds in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. However, since these vegetarian geese are incredible grazers that seek out the greenest of pastures, a major conflict has emerged on the North Coast...

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Humboldt County Farm Bureau Land Use Policy Concerning Agriculture and Other Rural Lands

The Humboldt County Farm Bureau Board of Directors has adopted the following Land Use Goals and Policies concerning Agricultural Lands within the County of Humboldt.

  • Conserve agricultural lands, and
  • Encourage the continued profitable production of high quality, Domestic food and fiber in the most efficient, responsible manner;
  • Protect the rural lifestyle of Humboldt County.

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